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  • Experience

    After serving our country for 23-years in the U.S. Military, I've spent the past 20-years honing my skills as an emergency manager at some of the premier organizations in government, disaster relief, consulting, nonprofit, and the private sector

    Director of Disaster Services

    Corporate Mgr. Workplace Resilience

    Manager - Emergency Preparedness

    Manager- Preparedness & Response

    Senior Emergency Mgt. Consultant

    Regional Preparedness Mgr.

    Director of Operations

    External Affairs Officer

    Public Affairs Specialist

    Air Traffic Controller

  • Consulting Focus Areas

    Business Disaster Planning

    Corporate Resiliency

    Employee Preparedness

    Catastrophic Planning

    Training & Exercise Design

    Corporate Crisis Planning

    Community Resiliency and Advocacy

    Underserved Marginalized Communities

    Community-based Programs

    Disaster Literacy

    Bystander Preparedness

    Neighborhood Training & Exercises

  • What I've Been Doing

    These are some of my major collaborations and initiatives

    Native Community Disaster Resilience Program

    Native communities face unique challenges in disaster and emergency management and preparedness. education. We have worked closely with native stakeholders to develop tools, materials, and programs designed to support disaster literacy, tribal family preparedness, and resilience through sustainable models.

    Transformative Resilience Technology

    Life Saving Advice provides location-based information of critical resources regardless of network connection. It provides locations of medical facilities, emergency shelters, food, pharmacies, gasoline, and other essentials through your smart device while funding local preparedness programs.

    Taking Preparedness To New Levels

    Our organization combines disaster and media expertise to create a platform for changing lives through disaster literacy. We are changing the game when it comes to creating a culture of preparedness. Our national podcast and focused programs are aimed at creating a 'new normal' for how people and organizations prepare.

    Homeland Security Center of Excellence

    Disaster and emergency management education is key to the future of our communities. The Center of Excellence at Pierce College WA is a leader in developing innovative programs to train the workforce for the challenges of the future. I'm a board member and contributor to the Center of Excellence and Chairperson of their Public-Private Partnership Subcommittee

    International Association of Emergency Managers

    The International Association of Emergency Managers established the IAEM Scholarship Program to nurture, promote and develop disaster preparedness and resilience by furthering the education of students studying the field of emergency management, disaster management, or a related program.


    The purpose of the program is to assist the profession by identifying and developing students with the intellect and technical skills that can advance and enhance emergency management or disaster management.


    The program is sustained through donations from individuals and corporations. The Scholarship Commission’s current goal is to reach $1 million in the endowment fund to ensure IAEM Scholarships into the foreseeable future.

  • Speaking

    Book Vince Davis For Your Upcoming Conference, Meeting, or Virtual Event

    Vince Davis at IAEM - October 18-22

    Vince discusses highlights from his journey as a corporate emergency manager for Fortune 100 companies Walgreens, Sony, and Amazon at the International Association of Emergency Managers Annual Conference in Grand Rapids MI.

    Vince Davis Virtual - University of Omaha - November 29

    Vince shares insights and highlights from his 22-year career in emergency management with students interested in careers in the field of emergency management.

    Vince Davis at DEMCON

    For two consecutive years, Vince was the keynote speaker at the Disaster and Emergency Management Conference in Toronto one of Canada's premier conferences. His presentations garnered the highest ratings in the 15-year history of the conference.

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