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  • Experience

    After serving our country for 23 years in the U.S. Military, I've spent the past 22 years honing my skills as an emergency manager at some of the premier organizations in government, disaster relief, consulting, nonprofit, and the private sector. Below is a list of the organizations I've been blessed to serve during my career.

    Director of Disaster Services

    Corporate Mgr. Workplace Resilience

    Manager - Emergency Preparedness

    Manager- Preparedness & Response

    Senior Emergency Mgt. Consultant

    Regional Preparedness Mgr.

    Director of Operations

    External Affairs Officer

    Public Affairs Specialist

    Air Traffic Controller

  • Consulting

    Here are some of my areas of expertise.

    Business Disaster Planning

    Corporate Resiliency

    Employee Preparedness

    Catastrophic Planning

    Training & Exercise Design

    Corporate Crisis Planning

    Community Resiliency and Advocacy

    Underserved Marginalized Communities

    Community-based Programs

    Disaster Literacy

    Bystander Preparedness

    Neighborhood Training & Exercises

  • What I've Been Doing

    These are some of my major collaborations and initiatives

    Native Community Disaster Resilience Program

    Native communities face unique challenges in disaster and emergency management and preparedness. education. We have worked closely with native stakeholders to develop tools, materials, and programs designed to support disaster literacy, tribal family preparedness, and resilience through sustainable models.

    Ground-Breaking Resilience Technology

    Life Saving Advice provides location-based information of critical resources regardless of network connection. It provides locations of medical facilities, emergency shelters, food, pharmacies, gasoline, and other essentials through your smart device while funding local preparedness programs.

    Climate Resiliency Transforming Urban Communities

    Blacks in Green’s signature Sustainable Square Mile is the gold standard for Black community development. Our unique whole-system approach to whole-system problems is designed to increase our communities’ wealth and well-being in the context of a changing climate.

    The Sustainable Square Mile concept embodies BIG’s 8 Principles of Green Village Building, from neighbor-owned green enterprises to locally produced clean energy.

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    Full Speed Ahead - Navigating The Complexities of Corporate Emergency Management

    Most companies and practitioners think Business Continuity, Emergency Management, and Crisis Management are all one big tent. Although each has some synergies, they are really quite distinctive in their character, roles, and importance for a well-rounded workplace resiliency program. Read my article as published in the Journal of Business Continuity and Emergency Planning.

    Why I Became The Anti-Disaster Kit Advocate

    For more than two decades "Get -A-Kit has been the call to action to get people ready for disasters. It has also been largely ignored by the public, and for those who can't afford it, an impossible and impractical venture. Disaster kits are not preparedness. In fact, no statistics exist to show one instance where having a few convenience items will actually save someone's life in an emergency. Learn why I'm an advocate for abandoning the continued promotion of what I call the Preparedensss Placebo, in favor of new approaches that will actually help people get ready for disasters.

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